Spring bird banding results issued

The final report for the spring 2019 bird banding season (our 14th banding season at LLCC!) contains these highlights:

  • We banded 1,421 birds of 83 species over 49 mornings (averages out to 29 birds per day).
  • In addition, we had 138 returns (captures of birds banded in an earlier season).
  • The five most abundantly captured/banded species this spring were: Dark-eyed Junco, Common Yellowthroat, Gray Catbird, Swamp Sparrow and Northern Cardinal.
  • We captured/banded two new species for the station this spring: Barn Swallow and Connecticut Warbler.
  • Our cumulative number for 14 seasons stands at 23,586 birds banded of 125 species.
  • More than 250 LLCC students and community members visited the bird banding station this spring.

The fall 2019 season is scheduled to begin Aug. 19. You are always welcome to visit as your time allows!

Tony Rothering, professor of biology