Thank you to all who assisted with Campus Visit Day!

Summer Campus Visit Day on June 11 was a great success with more than 150 individuals in attendance! LLCC Public Relations and Marketing would like to thank all who assisted with this important recruitment event. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your time, expertise and enthusiasm for LLCC!

Those who assisted include: Sue Alexander, Dr. Carmen Allen, Bill Bade, Whitney Brandenburg, Laurel Bretz, Dr. Victor Broderick, Shanda Byer, Debra Coet-Hanna, Christina Courier, Maureen Curry, Jacob Deters, Carissa DuBois, Barb Eades, Brian Earley, Kim Eddings, Tim Ervin, Nick Ferreira, Dave Ferrill, Chief Brad Gentry, Steve Handy, Sergeant Mike Hanson, Bill Harmon, Marybeth Hentrich, Tim Humphrey, Leslie Johnson, Chad Jones, Sean Keeley, Barry Lamb, Lori Large-Oldenettel, Kim Lesko, Diane Liesen, Taylor Littig, Dr. Cynthia Maskey, Dr. Chris McDonald,  Tisha Miller, Alison Mills, Patrick Moore, Janelle Murphy, Officer Adam Nieto, Becky Parton, Dr. Scott Queener, Cheri Reardon, Brooke Rhoades, Laurie Rhodes, Karen Sanders, Sarah Scheufele, Candace Silas, Tom Spears, Julie Sutfin, Nancy Sweet, Jan Szoke, Ashly Thomas, Chris Tople, Officer Brian Tweryon, Jud Walker, Duane Whitney, Eleanor Wild, Karla Wilham and Doris Williams.

Also, thank you to the student presenters (Natalie Baker, Seth Jacobs and Aaliyah Kissick) and clubs that participated (Dance Club: Express Your Seoul and The Lamp).