Many thanks to all who assisted with the Health Care Expo!

The Health Care Expo on May 23 was a great success! LLCC Public Relations and Marketing would like to thank all who assisted with this recruitment event. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your time, expertise and enthusiasm!

Those who assisted include: Dr. Vern Lindquist, Dr. Lesley FrederickDr. Judy JozaitisDr. Cynthia Maskey, Mack Alexander, Debbie Bell, Dawn BurchMichelle Burger, Shanda Byer, Carissa Dubois, Wayne DunwoodyNick Ferreira, Dr. Sonja Harvey, Richard Hayes, Leslie Johnson, Chad Jones, Sarah Laurent, Diane Liesen, Taylor Littig, Susan Mendenhall, Alison Mills, Andreas MoralesJanelle Murphy, Dr. Scott QueenerKaren Sanders, Julie Sutfin, Jan Szoke, Chris Tople, Eleanor Wild, Karla Wilham and Kim Young.