Congratulations to the Employee Recognition Ceremony honorees!

Congratulations to the honorees recognized at the Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ceremony May 16!

Dr. Jennifer O’Malley, professor of biology, was named the 2019 Drs. Raymond and Ann Pearson Master Teacher. The award is presented annually to an outstanding full-time LLCC faculty member who practices his or her profession in an exemplary manner. Finalists were Dr. Deborah Brothers, Dr. Paul Hudson, Dr. Judith Nichols and Katie Tice, CPA.

Distinguished Service Award winnersThe college also awarded the 2019 Distinguished Service Awards to individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership and service to the college community, promote a student-focused environment and exhibit a strong commitment to the college’s core values. Distinguished Service Award recipients were Nancy Sweet, director of culinary programs and operations; Linda Brown, adjunct instructor; Bobbi Henry, research and analytics manager; Christine Marietta, administrative assistant, LLCC-Litchfield; and Dr. Brenda Michel, professor of nursing.

Honored for 30 years of service was Dr. Cynthia Maskey.

30 years of service
Employees honored for 25 years of service were Beth Hoffman and Ira Bradley.

25 years of service
Twenty-year service honorees were Lori Smith, Don LoftisTony Rothering, Samuel Penning, Michele Layton, Holly Gietl and Julie Clevenger.

20 years of service
Recognized for 15 years of service were Tricia Kujawa, Anita Glydewell, Tracy Kesinger, Tim Humphrey, Stephanie Cummings and Karen Sanders.

15 years of service
Employees recognized for 10 years of service were C.C. Tietjen St. Magnus, Julie Sutfin, Jamie McCoy, Amee Kesky, Shawn Floyd, Cara Swafford, Holly Walton, Doug Whitaker and Doris Williams.

10 years of service

Five years of serviceFive-year service honorees were Samuel Bras, Elyse Calhoun, Laurel Bretz, Mary Dellert, Barb Eades, Adrienne Frazier, Sean Edmondson, Jan Szoke, Nick Ferreira, Dr. David Leitner, Janelle Murphy, Tim McKenzie and John Turley. 


RetireesThanks and best wishes were given to retirees Janet Moulton, 9 years; Linda Carman, 11 years; Terri Hinrichs, 12 years; Beth Hoffmann, 25 years; Tammy Chrisler, 32 years; Janet Semanik, 17 years; and Jane Hartman, 21 years.