Line of march for Commencement 2019

Each year we do our best to ensure that the line of march is accurate with hire dates provided by LLCC Human Resources. The line changes each year due to retirements, resignations and individuals who have received permission to be excused from the ceremony. The attached line-up MAY change all the way up to the evening of commencement. As we receive notification of individuals who will not be attending, we revise the line-up. Please note that if you are not planning on attending commencement you will need to receive an excused absence from the Office of the President.

The attached line of march is an approximation of where you will be seated during the 2019 commencement ceremony. It is more of a guide as opposed to a hard and fast rule. If you believe you should be somewhere else in the line, feel free to stand there.

The Faculty Marshalls this year are Beth Hoffmann and Carmen Allen, and they will direct you to the appropriate location during the seating process. There are 10 seats in a row, so if there are last minute no-shows, you may be bumped up a row depending on the 10-in-a-row seating arrangement.

The line of march will be posted in several locations to refer to upon your arrival. Please line up according to your  line (line “A” [house left]  or line “B” [house right]) and row # which will also be posted.

Please do not congregate at the front of the line making it difficult for others to get in line.

Commencement is a time when the focus is on our graduating students and their accomplishments. We appreciate your attendance at the ceremony and look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our students together.

Line of March 2019