LLCC Foundation announces 2019 Pearson Master Teacher nominees

Nineteen eligible nominations were received for the 2019 Drs. Raymond and Ann Pearson Master Teacher Award. The award annually recognizes an exceptional full-time, faculty member for his or her professional contributions to LLCC. The 2019 award recipient will be announced at the annual faculty and staff recognition ceremony.

Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Deborah Brothers, professor of English
  • Dave Cox, professor of biology
  • Marlene Emmons, professor of English
  • Dr. Joe Hoff, professor of Spanish
  • Dr. Paul Hudson, professor of business
  • Rebecca Miller-McGrath, assistant professor of psychology
  • Janet Moulton, associate professor of nursing
  • Dr. Judith Nichols, professor of psychology
  • Dr. Jennifer O’Malley, professor of biology
  • Adrienne Range, assistant professor of biology
  • Randall Rue, professor of criminal justice
  • Dr. Colin Suchland, professor of sociology
  • Anthony Tate, associate professor of biology
  • Katie Tice, professor of accounting
  • Natasha Trame, associate professor of psychology
  • George Vaughn, professor of English
  • Dr. John Vinzant, professor of political science
  • Dr. Ellen Watkins, professor of sociology
  • Kirk Yenerall, professor of mathematics