Fall bird banding results issued

The final report for the fall 2018 bird banding season (our 13th banding season at LLCC!) contains these highlights:

  • We banded 2,076 birds over 65 banding days this fall.
  • The average number of birds banded was 31.9 birds/day.
  • The highest one day total was 174 birds banded (Oct. 4).
  • We added one new species (Summer Tanager) to the cumulative station total which now stands at 123 species.
  • The five most commonly banded species for the season were: American Goldfinch, Dark-eyed Junco, Chipping Sparrow, Yellow-rumped Warbler and House Sparrow.
  • We had 64 returns (recaptures of birds banded in an earlier season) and 387 repeats (recaptures of birds banded earlier in the fall 2018 season).
  • Our station cumulative total is now at 22,165 birds banded over 13 seasons.
  • Approximately 300 LLCC students and community members visited the banding station this fall.

The spring 2019 season is scheduled to begin March 21. You are always welcome to visit as your time allows!

Tony Rothering, professor of biology