Congratulations gift card winners! Last day to donate

Winners choose a gift card Winners choose a gift card
Congratulations to these donors to the LLCC giving program through United Way, whose names were drawn for gift cards to local businesses! Janet Moulton, Jeris Creasey, Sue Rush, Dr. Cynthia Maskey, Joe Hoff, Dr. Mark Roehrs, Elizabeth Tennikait, Dr. Claire Gordon, Whitney Brandenburg, Cathy Huffman, Taylor Littig, Julie Eason, Cindy Burger, Kevin Lust, Junell Ransdell, Judith Nichols, Dwayne Curry, Mike Meyers, Jesse Blackburn, Jennifer Ramm, Cynthia Smock, Diane Liesen, Jay Kitterman, Soodi Nassirpour, Ryan Howland, Candace Silas.

Live United. United Way. United Way of Central Illinois.

Thank you to these and all donors to the campaign. Today is the last day to donate to this year’s effort to help those in need in our communities. Fill out the online pledge form , text LLCCUNITED to 41444, or fill out the paper form and return to your group representative: Nicole Ralph (administrative staff), Tara Walk (faculty), Leanne Roseberry (classified staff) and Melissa Franzen (professional staff). Thank you!