Attention faculty: Student Satisfaction Inventory being administered fall 2018

In 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015 Lincoln Land Community College administered Noel-Levitz’s Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) to a group of randomly selected course sections. The results are used to provide feedback to departments throughout the college to inform and improve student satisfaction and success.

During the month of October, we plan to administer the SSI once again to randomly selected course sections in conjunction with our regularly scheduled three-year cycle. So as to reduce interruption of the selected classes, the survey does not have to be completed during class time. Instead, faculty are simply asked to distribute the survey to students to take with them, complete, and return at the next class meeting. This is the procedure we employed in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015. Because of the excellent support of faculty, we gathered meaningful data with minimal interruption of class time. However, if you would like to administer it during your class, you certainly may do so. Administration during class increases the response rate for the survey which gives us better data results. If you do choose to administer it during your class, the survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes for students to complete. If you teach a hybrid or online course, please just post an announcement in Blackboard. Those students will be surveyed electronically.

We ask your cooperation once again with this important project, which cannot proceed without your help. If one or more of your classes are selected through the random selection process, you will receive a packet containing directions and student surveys. Completed surveys should be returned to the Vice President of Student Services office, Menard Hall 1256. Faculty teaching online or hybrid sections will receive just a letter and suggested Blackboard announcement.