Continued coil replacement work in Sangamon and Menard halls

In continuation of work that began last fall, there will be work occurring in the Sangamon and Menard mechanical penthouses that will require fans to be turned off from May 9-11. All fans will remain on during the week of May 14-18 as to not interfere with final exams. It is likely that work will continue during the week of May 21-24. The contractor has been asked to only turn off one fan at a time (there are two in Sangamon and two in Menard) and that the fans only be turned off in the morning as temperatures will rise in the afternoon. While this work is occurring, there may be times that some areas of both buildings may feel a bit stuffy when the fans are off. If anyone should have a concern that areas are becoming too stuffy, please give me a call Tim Ervin, director of construction and environmental health and safety, immediately. Your understanding during this time frame is appreciated as work is done to improve the overall quality of the mechanical system in both buildings.