Message from the president: Team/committee structures

Dear Lincoln Land Community College Faculty and Staff:

On Professional Development Day, I will take the opportunity for 15-20 minutes to fill you in on some brainstorming efforts that have been taking place for the past three months considering how we might better organize our team/committee structure on campus.

It was clear from our systems portfolio feedback in the fall that our current methodology has resulted in gaps in some of the areas that we need to address. After taking some time to examine that report, and analyzing our current structure from a quality initiative lens, I asked representatives from Shared Governance Council, the Faculty Senate, and the AQIP Steering Team to assist in rethinking how we might be more effective while making good use of faculty/staff time.

I plan to do a brief roll out of the outcome of that work at 1 p.m. immediately following the LEAGUE activities. I will repeat this presentation at the beginning of the faculty meeting later in the day, just prior to Dr. Lindquist’s comments. This roll out will briefly introduce the group’s work in preparation for opportunities for campus wide feedback later this week.

Dr. Charlotte Warren
President, Lincoln Land Community College