Faculty and Administrators: It’s time to order regalia for commencement

LLCC’s Commencement Ceremony this year is on Friday, May 18. In order to make sure we have the correct regalia for you, we ask that you submit any changes from the previous year to LLCC Campus Services regarding your faculty/administrator regalia for this year’s commencement ceremony by contacting Kim Lesko at 786-2456 or kimberly.lesko@llcc.edu. The deadline for changes or additions to the regalia order is Friday, Feb. 23.

Changes include completion of a different degree or something as simple as your regalia didn’t fit correctly last year. If you do not submit any changes, we will order the same regalia that you had in last year’s ceremony.

New faculty members or administrators who need graduation regalia for the commencement ceremony should contact Kim Lesko in order to have your regalia ordered.