Winners of gift cards in United Way drawing

The following donors to the Employee Giving Campaign through United Way won $10 gift cards in the drawing yesterday! Winners: if you have not yet picked up your gift card, please come to Public Relations and Marketing and pick one out, or call 786.2219 and tell us which one of those remaining you would like.Live United: United Way

Brenda Schuster, Nancy Walton, Misty Hagstrom, Mary Goldstein, Barry Lamb, Whitney Brandenburg, Keri Mason, Tammy Chrisler, Vanessa Avery, Lyn Buerkett, Jan Szoke, Jessie Blackburn, Shanda Byer, Peggy Wisdom, Amy Williams, Leslie Johnson, Cynthia Maskey, Jay Kitterman, Cindy Burger, Kevin Lust, Shelby Bedford, Dwayne Curry, Diane Liesen, Laurel Bretz, Julie Eason, Michael Meyers, Colleen Pittman, Holly Gietl.

There is still time to contribute to the campaign, which ends Friday, Nov. 10. Please send your pledge form to your group representative listed below. They also have blank forms if you need one. Thank you!

Leanne Roseberry, Classified Staff; Melissa Franzen, Professional Staff; Nicole Ralph, Administrative Staff; Tara Walk, Faculty.