Thank you to everyone who assisted with Campus Visit Day!

Fall Campus Visit Day on Oct. 9 was a great success with nearly 330 individuals in attendance! LLCC Public Relations and Marketing would like to thank all who assisted with this important recruitment event. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your time, expertise and enthusiasm for LLCC!

Those who assisted include: Dr. Carmen Allen, Anne Armbruster, Bill Bade, Chris Barry, Bill Beaty, Shelby Bedford, Dr. Deanna Blackwell, Dr. Victor Broderick, Michelle Burger, Shanda Byer, Julie Clevenger, Lisa Collier, Christina Courier, Jeris Creasey, Andrea DeRosa, Brian Earley, Kim Eddings, Katie Eilers, Nick Ferreira, Dave Ferrill, Melissa Franzen, Sergeant Mike Hanson, Bill Harmon, Bob Howard, Dr. Wendy Howerter, Leslie Johnson, Don Kallembach, Sean Keeley, Samantha Kost, Tammy Kuhn-Schnell, Barry Lamb, Diane Liesen, Janice Lovekamp, Dr. Cynthia Maskey, Jeff Mehan, Tisha Miller, Maryjane Million, Janelle Murphy, Jeff Owen, Becky Parton, Dave Pietrzak, Jennifer Ramm, Mary Beth Ray, Laurie Rhodes, Dr. John Roberts, Julie Rourke, Karen Sanders, Lori Smith, Tom Spears, Julie Sutfin, Nancy Sweet, Jan Szoke, Keven Tait, Officer Brian Tweryon, Chelsea Vance, Nancy Walton, Marie Watson, Karla Wilham, Doris Williams, Leon Williams, Marina Wirsing and Dallas Woomer.

Also, thank you to the student presenters (Saleana Moore, Austin Harris, Joseph Kalala, Carrie Darr and Natalie Baker) and clubs that participated (Chemistry Club, Computer Science Academy, Dance Club: Express Your Seoul, Feminist Activist Coalition, Gay-Straight Alliance, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government Association and Student Radiographers Association).