New IT Portal is now available

The new IT Portal is now available! It can be accessed through the LLCC Employee Portal or by following this link:

The IT Portal site features the following:

  • IT service outages announcements
  • IT Service Desk contact information
  • IT staff directory
  • Groups FAQs
  • OneDrive FAQs
  • Skype phone FAQs
  • IT policies and procedures

In the next couple of weeks it will also feature:

  • Computer lab software list
  • Cybersecurity FAQs
  • IT service page (with hours of support and more info)
  • Service level agreements

By the end of FY ’18 the following will be available:

  • FAQs for most systems
  • IT user-interaction procedures
  • Current project list
  • Updated policies and procedures
  • IT trends in education and more