Thank you to everyone who assisted with Summer 2017 Campus Visit Day

The mother of a prospective student was thrilled to reconnect with Dr. John Roberts, a favorite professor from her days as an LLCC student. See more photos of Campus Visit Day.

Summer Campus Visit Day the evening of June 13 was a success with over 200 individuals registered to attend. Public Relations and Marketing would like to thank all who assisted with this important recruitment event. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your time, expertise and enthusiasm for LLCC! Those who assisted include: Shanda Byer, Leslie Johnson, Dr. John Roberts, Mary Beth Ray, Dr. Deanna Blackwell, Katie Eilers, Chris Barry, Doris Williams, Becky Parton, Bob Howard, Tom Spears, Julie Rourke, David Bowman, David Ferrill, Laurie Rhodes, Laurel Bretz, Julie Clevenger, Tammy Schnell, Brad Gentry, Kim Eddings, Shelby Bedford, Marina Wirsing, Lisa Collier, Tim Humphrey, Dr. Victor Broderick, Bill Bade, Dave Pietrzak, Rick Stillman, Dr. Carmen Allen, Bill Harmon, Keven Tait, Brian Earley, Nancy Sweet, Sean Keeley, Dr. Cynthia Maskey, Janice Lovekamp, Janelle Murphy, Cathleen Ferguson, Nancy Walton, Don Kallembach, Randy Rue, Andrew DeRosa, Michelle Burger, Ryan Howland, Julie McKinney, Karla Wilham, Dallas Woomer, Brian Tweryon, Cathy Huffman, Dawn Burch, Jolene Adams.

Also, thank you to the LLCC Dance Team: Express Your Seoul for entertaining the crowd with several demonstrations of K-Pop!