LEAGUE Grant Applications Available

Now through January 31, the LLCC Foundation is accepting applications for LEAGUE grants. Faculty and staff make these grants possible through their generous giving to the annual faculty and staff campaign each spring known as LEAGUE.

The Foundation will award approximately $10,000 as a direct result of the success of the annual faculty and staff campaign.  Grant guidelines, application and budget worksheet are available here, or may be obtained at:  www.llccfoundation.org/educational-support.

Donations to the LEAGUE campaign support LLCC students through the LEAGUE grant program, scholarships, and other funds, including the “Pay It Forward” fund which helps students with emergent needs.  Each year approximately 40-percent of LLCC faculty and staff support the Foundation through this campaign.  Our thanks to our generous LLCC faculty and staff for contributing nearly $54,000 to the 2016 LEAGUE campaign!

Again, the application deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 5 p.m.  Awards will be announced at the LEAGUE kickoff on March 28.  Please contact the Foundation at 6-2785 for more information.