Film series “Through a Different Lens” begins tonight!

LLCC’s Arts and Humanities department will host a free film and discussion series this fall entitled, “Through a Different Lens.” The first film showing will be this evening from 6-9 p.m. in the Trutter Center, featuring:

Fresa y chocolate” (1994) This film explores the unlikely friendship that develops between two Cuban men who have very different attitudes toward the Revolution. Their friendship becomes the vehicle through which they begin to view the “other” through a different lens which ultimately leads them to a more profound understanding of freedom.

The series is hosted by Ashley Green, Ph.D., assistant professor of English; Paul Van Heuklom, professor of English; and Joseph Hoff, Ph.D., professor of Spanish.

In addition, the Trutter Museum will be open, with culturally relevant artifacts from the Trutter collection on display in the reception area. Beginning Sept. 30, a new exhibit, “Trutter: Black and White,” will open, featuring photos of landmarks designed by Philip Trutter. Film series attendees are encouraged to come early to enjoy the art and history prior to the film showings.

The next films in the series are:

Sept. 22: “Who is Dayani Cristal?” (2013) This film begins with the discovery of a body in the Arizona desert. With few identifying marks, the staff of the Pima County Morgue attempt to identify this body and, in doing so, they begin to put a human face on one of the many migrants and refugees who move through Central America and Mexico to reach the “north.”

Nov. 3: “¡No!” (2012) Gael García Bernal stars in this film that recalls the pivotal moment in Chilean history when the citizens of the country are offered an historically unique opportunity to rid themselves of the country’s dictatorship.

Nov. 10: “To Live” (1994) The film follows the life of one family in China, from the heady days of gambling dens in the 1940s to the austere hardship of the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. And through all of their fierce struggles with fate, all of the political twists and turns they endure, their hope is basically summed up by the heroine, a wife who loses wealth and position and children, and who says, “All I ask is a quiet life together.”

Thurs., Nov. 17: “Still Walking” (2009) Twelve years after their beloved eldest son, Junpei, drowned while saving a stranger’s life, the parents welcome their surviving children home for a family reunion. The younger son still feels that his parents resent that he isn’t the one who died, as his wife is awkwardly introduced to the rest of the family for the first time.

Dec. 8: “Birth of a Family” (2012) Soo-Jung begins work at a home shopping channel network. She is a bright and warm-hearted woman. Her life changes when her father suddenly dies in a fire. Now, she has to learn how to take care of her family: her mother and her troublemaker younger brother Soo-Ho.