LLCC and IC sign educational transfer agreement

Charlotte Warren, Barbara Farley sign agreementThe presidents of Lincoln Land Community College and Illinois College signed an agreement yesterday allowing elementary education majors to start at LLCC, transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree at IC in a total of four years, prepared to become licensed teachers.

This is the first transfer agreement between the two institutions. Dr. Charlotte Warren, president of LLCC, and Dr. Barbara Farley, president of IC, said students will be prepared for a career field that, due to retirements, is expected to see a rise in the need for replacements over the next five to 10 years.

“We enjoy a close proximity to Illinois College with our LLCC-Jacksonville Outreach Center, and many of our graduates throughout the years have chosen to continue their education at IC,” said Dr. Warren. “Today we’re pleased to formally sign an articulation agreement to facilitate transfer of LLCC students to IC for the completion of a baccalaureate degree in elementary education.”

Dr. Warren noted that students seeking a career in elementary education will be able to attend LLCC for the first two years, earning an associate degree, while also taking two education classes at IC. The LLCC students taking classes at IC will pay tuition at the current LLCC tuition rates.  Read more.