Office 365 – What is Clutter?

Now that you have been using Office 365 (this may take up to 30 days), a new folder called Clutter will appear in your mailbox and some of your messages automatically moved there. Clutter is a great filtering tool that will help you keep your Inbox clutter free! This is just one of the many new tools and features available with Office 365.

Clutter analyzes your messages for certain criteria and based upon your previous email habits, determines if a message should be considered low-priority and then moves them to the Clutter folder.  With that being said, you can help Clutter learn your preferences more efficiently by moving messages to and from the Clutter folder.  If you do nothing with your messages, you should receive an email summary notifying you that you have messages in the Clutter folder.

All internal messages from an LLCC email account will not be subject to the automatic filtering and will not be moved to the Clutter folder. Your messages will only be analyzed by Clutter filtering after the antispam filter and any Rules that you may have applied to your account.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the service desk for assistance.