More LEAGUE Winners Announced

Congratulations to Tera Spellbrink, the winner of $235 from the LEAGUE 50/50 drawing, and to Leanne Roseberry, who won the portable gas grill and IL State Fair Pork Package.

Thanks to all who purchased tickets in support of the LEAGUE Campaign, which benefits our programs and students like Tess Tyler, who is from a family of six and the first of her siblings to attend college. Her parents can’t afford to assist her financially and she receives no financial aid from grants. With the help of a Foundation scholarship, Tess will graduate from LLCC this May with a 4.0 GPA and pursue her dream of becoming an English teacher.

If you would like to make a donation to the LEAGUE Campaign to help students like Tess, please complete the LEAGUE enrollment form and return to the Foundation office.  Make your donation by April 29 using payroll deduction and you will be eligible to win $150 in cash.

For more information call the Foundation at 786-2785.