CCTC offers leadership training free to employees

The Capital City Training Center is offering LLCC employees the opportunity to attend a free leadership training course this Thursday, April 14, 1-4 p.m. If you are interested in participating, please email by the end of the day Wednesday, April 12.

O’Shea Builder’s Director of Employee Development and Engagement, Tess Fyalka, will be piloting “Building Effective Teams,” a leadership training class, at the Capital City Training Center and is looking for individuals to participate and provide her with feedback on how she can fine tune the class. There is no cost to register as it is a pilot program.

Attendees will participate in a team simulation experience designed to help them better understand the following:

  • What makes an effective team
  • How to create an effective team
  • How to minimize dysfunction and build a positive team culture
  • How to recognize and better manage the 5 key stages of effective teams