Library hosts “Food for Fines”

The LLCC Library will be hosting a Food for Fines fundraiser drive, starting with National Library Week (April 11-15), and continuing until the end of the semester. Food for Fines allows patrons (students, faculty, staff, or community members) to “pay off” any fines or fees on their account by bringing in donations for a local food pantry. Patrons can bring in one non-perishable item to receive $5.00 off their total fines. For instance, if you owe $20 in processing fees and bring in 4 donation items, your account balance will go down to zero. Please note that donations cannot be used to pay for lost books. We have teamed up with the Central Illinois Foodbank to donate everything we collect. View a list of items that the Central IL Food Bank is in need of.  Feel free to contact Mary DiMaggio if you need any more information. Thank you!