Final grades due Monday, Dec. 21

This is a reminder to all faculty that final grades must be posted in WebAdvisor (not Blackboard) no later than Monday, Dec. 21 at noon. It is important that grades are posted on time. Failure to do so keeps students from being notified about missing prerequisites, hinders their ability to get financial aid, holds up their transcripts for transferring to other schools and applying for jobs, and bars them from graduating.

In addition to the impact on students, staff are here working during the break and cannot enjoy the time off with their families until all of the end-of-term grade processing is done. Final grade processing cannot be completed until all grades are turned in for the semester.

Thank you for your support in getting grades in on time! If you have any questions about submitting your final grades to WebAdvisor, please contact Shanda Byer at ext. 62290 or via email at