October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During the month of October, advocates for victims and survivors strive to increase knowledge, understanding and support for those impacted by domestic violence, or “dv.” Advocates often share information, hold informational groups or even silently offer support and solidarity by wearing a purple ribbon; the color purple is recognized for domestic violence awareness month (http://www.nrcdv.org/dvam/traditional-campaign-events-ideas). Faculty, staff, and students can show their support by picking up their purple ribbon at the Advising, Counseling, and Career Services front desk or the Student Life Office.

Also for students, Claire Heffron-McKinney, located in Advising and Counseling is a certified Domestic Violence Professional and can be reached at 786-2591, or we have licensed counselors in Advising and Counseling, who can be reached at 786-2224. Thank you for your support in these issues! If you want to help with these charges, please call Leslie Johnson, AVP of Student Success at 786-2848.

Read Facts About Domestic Violence.