Emergencies happen–be prepared!

With the beginning of a new term upon us, the LLCC Police Department would like to remind College staff and faculty to take a few minutes and refresh their memory in regards to what steps they need to take should an emergency situation occur on campus. Some resources to help you include:

Emergency Evacuation Maps – Posted in all classrooms and common areas on LLCC campuses, these maps depict routes of egress from your location, the location of the nearest severe weather safe areas, as well as the locations of fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers. These maps are also included in the back of the print version of the LLCC campus directory.

Emergency Quick Reference Guide – Posted in all classrooms and office areas [and available by request from the campus Police Department], these handy reference guides provide quick and easy access to basic information concerning what to do in specific types of emergencies.

LLCC Emergency Procedures for Main Campus and Emergency Procedures for Outreach Centers – can be accessed on the employee portal, LLCC Police page.

In addition, all faculty and administrators should review the guidelines for assisting physically disabled students/staff during an emergency. This information can also be found on the employee portal, LLCC Police page.

Keeping the Lincoln Land Community College campus community safe is a responsibility that rests with all of us, and on behalf of the LLCC Police Department, I thank you for your assistance!

Brad Gentry, Chief, LLCCPD