NISOD webinar today

NISOD Webinar – Building Academic Tenacity
Today, Feb. 26, 1-2 p.m., room S0119
Presenter: Renee Wright, English Faculty, Triton College

According to Dr. Gregory Walton of Stanford University, academic tenacity is not about being smart, but about learning smart. Webinar participants review the implications of using psychological interventions to address student achievement gaps with practical classroom examples used over two semesters. Student success rates are also discussed. Specifically, participants explore psychological factors related to learning in the classroom and their impact on retention, learn how to recognize the importance of building academically tenacious students, and learn how to recognize the various aspects of mindset approaches to learning and student performance. The webinar facilitator has taught in postsecondary education for 12 years, with the last eight years working as a full-time faculty member teaching developmental reading, writing, and freshman composition. Her research interests focus on improving the academic success of underprepared students.