New process for proposals in CurricUNET

There is a new process for cleaning up proposals that are stalled in CurricUNET. For proposals that have been copied but nothing done according to the comparison icon:
1. After one year of inactivity from the time the course/program was copied, an email will be sent to the originator asking if this course is being revised, with a copy to the dean.
2. Based on the response from the originator, the following actions may be taken:
a. The pending file deleted.
b. The pending file deleted and the course recopied.
c. The pending file will continue.
3. If no response is received, the file will be deleted.
4. If Option C is chosen and no activity occurs in CurricUNET within the next six months, the pending file will be deleted.
It is important that files not sit out in the queue for several years. Once the course is copied, it is tied to the curriculum process in place at that time. If the processes change between the time it is copied and the time it is launched, it is easier for that file to get lost in the processes. Also, the date used for a course documentation’s last update is the date the pending file is originated, not the date it is approved.