Phone system replacement project – Phase II under way!

Over the past several months ITS has been involved in extensive planning toward the replacement of our existing phone system and accompanying infrastructure. The project is being implemented in three phases with the majority of phase I complete. We are excited to announce that phase II of the project has begun this week.  We are working with Dell on this second phase of the project, which will include the installation of the campus and regional infrastructure, followed by the transition of the ITS staff (to work out the bugs) and the regional staff phones. The initial deployment is expected to last six weeks and will provide transitioned users a contemporary phone system that will offer improved features and increased reliability. Once phase II is complete, we anticipate adding additional departments to the system in a timely manner. We will have more information to send out on this project in the near future and will be working closely with the regional sites for input and feedback during this upcoming phase.

The phone systems replacement project is being implemented in three phases: Phone system phases