Please refer potential student leaders to Chris Barry

Dear Colleagues,

Elections for the Student Government are coming up in a few weeks.  As faculty and staff, you interact with students every day, and can serve as the best recruiters for our Student Government Association.  Would you please consider taking a moment to refer students that you believe have leadership potential?  I will send the students you refer a letter indicating  that they have been referred as a potential leader.  I will also include information about the Student Government Association, along with an application to run for office.

Historically, most students only consider running because an instructor, peer or staff person had approached them and encouraged them that they could do it.  Many of our students don’t see themselves as leaders, but when you show them that you believe in them, that can make the difference.  At your earliest convenience could you please refer students that you believe would make good Student Government Representatives?

Chris Barry, Director, Retention & Student Success and Interim Director, Student Life