Catalog Committee seeking input

The Catalog Committee is making decisions regarding future editions of the LLCC Catalog. As part of this process, the committee is gathering input from the college community. Please take a minute to respond to three questions posed by the committee.

Catalog Survey

The survey will remain open until Friday, April 10. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Emails to students may not have been delivered March 12-18

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Due to a malfunction in our computer network affecting email service, most messages sent from an LLCC employee account to an LLCC student account between 11pm Thursday, March 12 and 11am March 18 (yesterday) were lost. If you sent a message during that time, you may want to resend it just in case.

Only new messages originating from employees were affected. If you replied to a student, those messages were not affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

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New main and office phone numbers for LLCC-Taylorville and Litchfield

The ongoing upgrade of the LLCC phone system through AT&T has required the changing of main and office phone numbers at LLCC-Taylorville and Litchfield, and two office numbers at LLCC-Jacksonville.

Please make a note of these new numbers, which are in effect immediately:
LLCC Litchfield main number: 786.3401 (formerly 324.2090)
LLCC Taylorville main number: 786.2754 (formerly 287.7081)

Please see all of the new numbers in the chart below, including for new employee Lori McDonald, who begins today as the new director at LLCC-Litchfield.

NOTE: The main number at LLCC-Jacksonville has NOT changed, and remains 243.6699.

Location User Old Number New Number Extension
Litchfield Main number 324-2090 786-3401 6-3401
Litchfield 786-3441 6-3441
Litchfield 324-2337 786-3432 6-3432
Litchfield 324-2493 786-3438 6-3438
Taylorville Main number 287-7081 786-2754 6-2754
Taylorville 287-2061 786-2780 6-2780
Taylorville 287-3316 786-2774 6-2774
Taylorville 287-3317 786-2775 6-2775
Taylorville 287-3318 786-2778 6-2778
Taylorville 287-3319 786-2779 6-2779
Taylorville 287-7081 786-2787 6-2787
Jacksonville 245-2698 786-2458 6-2458
Jacksonville 245-1347 786-2457 6-2457

In preparation for new website design, please check and make any needed updates to webpages by Monday

If you are a content manager for a webpage on the college’s website,, please check your pages and make any necessary updates by Monday, July 28. We are preparing for the launch of a new website design in early fall. We will be copying the content of current webpages as of Tuesday, July 29. Please make sure yours is updated with current information!

If you need to make changes to your webpages after Monday, July 28, please email those edits to Rose Raikes in PRM.

Training meetings for content managers, and preview sessions of the new website design for everyone, will be scheduled in late August-early September, prior to the launch of the new website design.


Scheduled phone service outage in Jacksonville and Beardstown

As part of the phone system upgrade project, it is necessary to port the current phone numbers from the old phone lines to the new ones in Jacksonville and Beardstown on Wednesday, July 2 starting at 8 a.m.  We expect to experience phone service outages during this time in those locations.  We are not sure how long the phone service outages will last at this time.

Welcome Samuel Bras!

Braf, Samuel

Samuel Bras has joined the ITS department as the new Systems Administrator I.  Samuel will be located in the lower level of Menard Hall, room 0043, and can be reached at 6-2262 or  Welcome Samuel!

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Phone system replacement project – Phase II under way!

Over the past several months ITS has been involved in extensive planning toward the replacement of our existing phone system and accompanying infrastructure. The project is being implemented in three phases with the majority of phase I complete. We are excited to announce that phase II of the project has begun this week.  We are working with Dell on this second phase of the project, which will include the installation of the campus and regional infrastructure, followed by the transition of the ITS staff (to work out the bugs) and the regional staff phones. The initial deployment is expected to last six weeks and will provide transitioned users a contemporary phone system that will offer improved features and increased reliability. Once phase II is complete, we anticipate adding additional departments to the system in a timely manner. We will have more information to send out on this project in the near future and will be working closely with the regional sites for input and feedback during this upcoming phase.

The phone systems replacement project is being implemented in three phases: Phone system phases



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College Email System Upgrade

The college’s email system was upgraded over spring break to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server. Faculty and staff should not notice any changes when using Microsoft Outlook or accessing college email through a mobile device. If you experience any trouble accessing email through Outlook, restarting your computer should clear up any issues. If you experience any problems after the restart, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.
The webbased email has been updated with Microsoft’s contemporary interface. If you would like to learn more about getting around in the new Outlook Web App, please click on the link below:
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Spam and Phishing Alert

Several users have reported getting an email, appearing to be sent from the LLCC helpdesk, asking the user to click on a link to confirm their account for upgrade. This email is NOT from our ITS department and is a phishing attempt to acquire users logon credentials. Please disregard this message and delete the email. If you have already given your information, you should login to web advisor and change your password.

Phishing is a common identity theft method used by fraudulent parties.   NEVER send your personal information including passwords, user IDs, credit card numbers or a Social Security Number via email.  Passwords should NEVER be shared with ANYONE in any form.

To learn more about “phishing”, follow the links below:

Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS) does not solicit passwords or any other personal information via e-mail.  If you receive an e-mail message that appears to come from ITS that requests this type of information, please forward it immediately to  Do not reply or click on any links.  Again, these e-mails are often hoaxes (“phishing” e-mails), part of identity theft and fraud scams.

Thank you for your patience,


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