SharePoint Tech Tip: Use filter and update list

With SharePoint and your department group site, you can use filters to keep your team on track and organized.

Filter a list

In the list you want to filter, select Open the filters pane (the funnel icon in the upper right corner).
Select how you want to filter your list from the options available.
After you’ve filtered a list, a funnel icon appears next to a column header to show that the list is currently filtered.

Clear a filter

Select Clear filters Click Clear filters from the filters pane.

Edit a list item

Select Open the details pane Click Open the details pane .
Make changes to your list item (i.e. a team contact for a specific document) and the updates will automatically appear.

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IT offering Microsoft Teams training

This summer LLCC Information Technology is scheduling administrative departments to complete a Microsoft Teams training program, with academic areas scheduled after the start of the fall semester. The training is 100% online. Please be on the lookout for an email from Jeris Creasey with access to the training documentation and schedule for completion.

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SharePoint tech tip: Create, upload and share files in a document library

Create a file

To create a new file, select New and the file type you want (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
When the new file opens in your browser, add text, images and more to your file. This will automatically save in the document library. While working in the file, you can change the name by selecting it in the menu bar at the top.
Select your group site name in the browser tab to see the new file that was automatically saved in your document library.

Upload a file

From your computer, using file explorer on a PC or finder on a Mac, select the file you want and then hold down your mouse to drag and drop it into the document library in your web browser.

Share a file

Select the file you want to share (click to the left of the file name), and a green checkmark appears.
Select Share in the menu bar above.
Select an option to share your file:

  • Add the emails of people you wish to share your file with. Type in a message, and then select Send.
  • Copy Link creates a direct link to the file that you can share in an email or IM.
  • Outlook opens up your Outlook app with your file attached to a new email.

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Tech tip: Explore your SharePoint group site

Explore your department group site in SharePoint. Select the SharePoint app from the Office 365 gateway or waffle icon within Outlook 365. If you have followed your group site, this will appear in the upper left under the Following section. If you have not followed the group site, you can search or select it from the Frequent Site section.

Once you have accessed your group site, you will be on the homepage.


  • Search this site for any news posts, information or documents.
  • See News for the latest happenings with your team, such as news posts, information and updates.
  • Select Add to create a news post or a news link.
  • When someone adds or edits a file, page, or list, Activity lets you see this at a glance.
  • Documents shows items from the default document library. You can add documents by dragging and dropping them here.

Left navigation pane

  • Store and share files in Documents — a default document library
  • for your team.
  • Manage your site with Site contents.
  • Move different navigation sites up and down with Edit.
  • Recycle bin

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Tech tip: SharePoint mobile app

With the SharePoint Mobile app for iOS and Android, you can stay connected with your co-workers via your department group site, news, frequent sites, people and important links. After installing the free app, sign in with your LLCC email address and password.


Search bar: Enter a search term to find additional people, files, news posts or sites.
Quick access: See your most recent content and people.
Frequent sites: Discover followed and frequently visited sites.
People: Connect with coworkers.
Recent files: Search for and access your recent files stored in your OneDrive, department group site or public portal sites.
Featured links: Explore important links set up by your organization.


The News tab lets you browse previews of your team’s latest news posts.
Tap a preview to read the full news post, see how many likes and views it has and add your own comments.
Tap the Bookmark icon at the top of a news post or a modern page to save it.


The Me tab lets you find your saved content or see your profile.
Tap Recent to browse your recent items.
Tap Saved to see the news posts, pages, and files you’ve saved and set aside.

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Summer hours for the IT Helpdesk

The health, safety and well-being of the Lincoln Land Community College community are our highest priorities. In light of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the IT Helpdesk is currently operating on adjusted summer hours. We are available by phone and online to assist faculty, staff and students Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Walk-up support at the window may be limited during business hours.

We recommend using your LLCC email to contact us at, submit a request for assistance, update or check the status of an existing ticket via the KBOX software or contact us by phone at 786-2555.

Please check your LLCC email for updates to your service request tickets and replies from the Helpdesk staff.

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Tech tip: Find and follow sites on SharePoint

When selecting the SharePoint app from the list of online applications in Office 365, you will be taken to the homepage for all of SharePoint. This is your place to find department group sites and portals (i.e., Employee Portal), read news posts from group sites and portals, or search for content.

The homepage is broken into sections:

  • At the top, there is a “Search in SharePoint” feature.
  • To the left, you will see categories for “Following,” “Recent” and “Featured links.”
  • In the center, you will see “News from sites,” “Frequent sites” and “Suggested sites.”

To search for a site, file or person in the organization, type in the search box. Matches will appear as you type. Select it from the results to open and view. Selected search results will open in a separate browser window.

“News from sites” highlights updates from sites you follow or visit often.

“Frequent sites” shows sites you like to go to and recent activity.

“Suggested sites” appear based on recent searches you’ve done and recommendations from the Microsoft Graph.

“Following” shows all the sites you follow, such as your team site or a site from another group you work with. To follow a SharePoint site, go to where it is and select the star  next to the site’s name.

“Recent” highlights any SharePoint sites you’ve gone to recently.

“Saved for later” lists news posts you’ve saved to read later. To save a news post for later, select the save-for-later flag  at the bottom of the news post. (Note: This section will only appear if you have saved items.)

“Featured links” displays sites your organization wants to spotlight.

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Tech tip: What is SharePoint?

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications, and it is the application used when you access the Employee Portal (HR, IT, PRM, public pages) via the web. Did you know that you can access your department’s private group site, search for other group sites to follow or join from SharePoint? While group sites have many functions and work seamlessly with Outlook and Teams, the focus is on data storage in place of shared network folders on the LLCC domain (for example: \\\departments\).

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Tech tip: Set automatic replies for shared mailbox in Office 365

Remote Access Knowledge BaseYou can set automatic replies for a shared mailbox in Office 365. For supporting documentation (Set Automatic Replies for a Shared Mailbox in Office 365.pdf), please visit the Remote Access Document Library > Outlook folder.

To set an automatic reply for a shared mailbox, you must open your mailbox and the shared mailbox in Outlook > Office 365.

  1. Open your Outlook Office 365 account.
  2. Left click on your picture in the top right.
  3. Select Open another Mailbox …
  4. Type in the name of the Mailbox. (i.e., IT_Department)
  5. Open. The mailbox will open in a separate tab.
  6. Make sure that you are on the shared mailbox in the web browser. Then click on the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
    1. Select the View all Outlook Settings link at the bottom.
    2. Select Automatic Replies from the Mail list.
  7. Turn automatic replies and determine if this should display at all times or for a set time frame only.
    1. Set a custom message for internal responses.
    2. Set a customer message for external responses.
    3. Save the changes.
  8. Select the in the upper right corner within Automatic replies to close the window and return to the mailbox.
  9. The next time that you open the shared mailbox, you should see that the automatic replies notification is turned on, if you set to always on or are accessing during the specified time frame. You can also turn off here or access the Settings > Mail > Automatic replies to turn off.
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Tech Tip: Office 365 Video channels migrated to Microsoft Stream

Microsoft is transitioning away from Office 365 Video to the video storage platform, Stream. As such, all existing 365 Video channels have been migrated to Stream. Any videos and permissions for the site have been migrated automatically. If you had a personal channel or your department had a group channel in Office 365 Video, please check the group permissions in Stream (public or private) and update any documentation, as needed, with the new hyperlink(s).

How to access Microsoft Stream

  1. Open your LLCC web Outlook.
  2. Select the waffle icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Stream. If not showing, select All apps and choose Stream.
  4. You will be on your homepage.
    1. To view all groups, select Discover > Groups.
    2. To view groups that you are a member of, select My Content > Groups.
    3. Note: If you do not see your group immediately, scroll down and select the See more link.
  5. Select the group’s name.
  6. Select videos.
    1. Select the Sort by box, and choose Name for an alphabetical listing of all videos in the group.
    2. All videos shared with your channel will appear here.

Visit for detailed instruction on the many features of Stream. Should you need assistance with your existing group channel in Stream, please submit a request to the IT Helpdesk via KBOX ticket.

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