Retirement celebration for Chad Jones May 31

Join us as we say farewell and best wishes to Sylvester “Chad” Jones, facilities services custodian. Chad is retiring after 21 years of outstanding service. A reception is scheduled for tomorrow, May 31 from 1-3 p.m. in the Robert H. Stephens Room. Refreshments will be served.

Sidewalk lighting project begins May 22

On Monday, May 22, the sidewalk lighting project begins for the south side of the main campus. This project will add new lighting to the walkways and approaches around Montgomery, Logan and Mason halls as well as the sidewalk to the east of parking lot 16.  Occasionally, it will be necessary to close the south lane of Foundation Drive to complete installation of utilities and light fixtures.  The lane closures will be during normal work hours of 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday with the contractor providing traffic control.  Please use caution when entering the main campus during these hours.

Your patience is appreciated as we work to improve the safety and security of the main campus. Please don’t hesitate to contact Dave Bretscher, director of Facilities Services, at 786.2238 with any issues related to this project.

LLCC to conduct controlled prairie burns on Springfield campus

LLCC is conducting controlled burns on the prairie areas of the Springfield campus over the next several weeks, weather permitting. The burns will be on the upper prairie on the north side of Menard Hall, on the west side of the Workforce Careers Center and on both sides of the entrance to campus.

The controlled burns are coordinated by the LLCC Facilities Services department and have been approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

EMS Campus reservation system upgraded

Please note the following updates for the three EMS applications. Users who need to reserve rooms, check room schedules, or to plan room usage should use the following URLs:

VEMS is now EMS Web App (Event Planning)
VEMS users please copy and save this link to the new EMS Web App: (replaces VirtualEMS). It is also available under Faculty/Staff on MyLLCC. You should be able to log on with your original User ID/Password provided. (User ID is your LLCC email address.) Contact Julie McKinney if you have questions.

EMS Campus Planning Interface (Academic Planning)
EMS Campus Planning Interface has also received some updates and a new link. EMS Campus Planning Interface users please copy and save this new link:

If you are an administrator and have an EMS desktop application and have not already been upgraded, please contact the ITS helpdesk for assistance.

Reminder from Facilities Services

In an effort to avoid inconveniences during winter recess, Facilities Services would like to remind all faculty and staff that the college is officially closed, as posted on the academic calendar, from Saturday, Dec. 17 through Sunday, Jan. 1.

In order to conserve resources when the college is closed, building temperatures are lowered, lighting levels are at a minimum and access to buildings may be restricted. Snow and ice removal is also limited to priority routes.

We have scheduled several projects during winter recess in an effort to avoid disruption to the regular College operations. Carpet will be replaced with tile in the first floor hallway of Sangamon Hall. Access to this area and the areas served by this hallway will be limited for the duration of winter recess. We will also be testing fire alarms and other life safety systems throughout the main campus.

We encourage anyone needing to visit the college over winter recess to contact the LLCC Police at 622.3853. As always, your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated, and we hope everyone has a wonderful and safe winter recess.

Reminders from Facilities

Facilities Services would like to ask for patience and cooperation as our crews work to remove the accumulation of leaves around campus. This necessary job is often dictated by traffic flow, time of day and wind direction. There may be times when it will be necessary for us to temporarily block off a lane of a road or several parking spaces or even a sidewalk until we can remove a pile of leaves. With a little cooperation from everyone we will get the job done as safely and as quickly as possible.

We also would like to remind all faculty and staff that even though the weather has been mild lately, cold temperatures are right around the corner. A beautiful fall day may be followed by a night that’s cold enough to produce frost and ice. Please keep this in mind and watch your step in the parking lots and on sidewalks. We strive to address icy areas as soon as possible, but it takes time for salt and ice melt to do their job.

Water shutoff in Millennium Friday 7-9 a.m.

This Friday, Oct. 7,  we will be shutting off the domestic water service at the Millennium Center for a few hours early in the morning.  This will be from about 7-9 a.m. and will disable the restroom facilities and some faucets in the building.  The outage is necessary to prepare for the installation of the new boilers for the building and should be the only disruption of water service necessary during this emergency project.

We appreciate your understanding as we work  to provide heating to the building in advance of cold weather.

Parking lot changes near Millennium and Cass

You may have noticed several changes in campus parking lots recently.  Ten parking spaces next to the Millennium Center have been blocked off to provide contractors space for equipment and vehicles for an upcoming boiler project.  These spaces will be blocked off through the end of October, the estimated duration of the project.

Also, there are now two concrete barriers at the corner of Cass Gym where the sidewalk in front of the building crosses the roadway. There have been concerns expressed regarding vehicles not stopping at the corner of the building and pedestrians not looking up as they are walking.  By placing the barriers there, the pedestrian traffic is forced to the right which places them in view of vehicles. The crosswalk will also be repainted to reflect the new pedestrian walking flow.

Construction Updates

We have three new projects that we have recently begun.  We have just started work on a new sanitary sewer for the Child Development Center.  Previously the CDC had been served by a sceptic system but will now be connected to the Sanitary District’s sewer system.  You may see some activity in the western section of the Hamilton area that is associated with this project.

We are also beginning an update of the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) systems and cooling systems in the Information Systems area of Menard Hall.  This will allow for a safer and more efficient use of these rooms in the lower level of the building.

Finally, we are installing two new boilers in the Millennium Center.  This is an emergency project necessitated by leaking hot water pipes from the Physical Plant in Sangamon Hall.  Without new boilers we would be unable to provide heat to the Millennium Center this winter.  We will be barricading off some areas on the west side of the building and are appreciative of your understanding and patience as we strive to complete the project prior to the heating season coming up at the end of October.

Thank you,
Hugh Garvey, Asst. VP Construction

What’s the Buzz!?

photoLLCC is now home to two donated honey bee hives! The LLCC Sustainability Committee was approached in the spring about placing bee hives on the campus. Beekeeper Dr. Stu Jacobson worked with committee member Steve Handy and workforce specialist Marnie Record to make sure the bees found a location identified as a good place for the bees as well as a safe place for those on campus. The bees are located on the southeast end of campus along the tree line. Signs will be posted near the hive area to alert people of the location. Most recently, community education students in Bee Series: Fall Management, were able to have a live demonstration at the site. In the future, credit classes will be able to incorporate the bee hives into their academic learning and Community Learning will be able to expand their class offerings. If you would like to read about all the benefits of bees, check out Jessica Tucker’s article on One Green Planet titled: How Bees Benefit Other Living Things. The college will surely benefit from bees in ways described in the article which include:

  • Benefits to our prairies and flower bearing plants – the perfect relationship in nature; bees need flowers and flowers need bees!
  • Agriculture – did you know pollination of agricultural crops are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat!
  • Providing food – who doesn’t like honey!
  • Acting as environmental indicators –the decline of bees is an indicator that something is amiss in our environment – perhaps the effects of pesticides!

For more information contact Julie Rourke, chair, Sustainability Committee.