Submit Room Reservations using VEMS

Facilities Services Department requests that staff and faculty use VEMS to browse and submit all room requests for space on main campus for classrooms, meetings, and events. (Please note: This excludes roll-over classes and academic scheduling inquires.)

What is VEMS ? EMS – Event Management System Software – is the scheduling software owned (and recently updated) by LLCC to manage buildings, classrooms and event space throughout LLCC.   VEMS is “virtual” EMS, a quick online link that easily allows all staff to view room and date availability.

Why VEMS ?  VEMS makes planning your use of space on main campus easier by allowing YOU to browse or search space through the Event Schedule online.  You will have access to the information when you need it, as you are planning.  Go one step further and log-in to VEMS with your User Name/Password (most staff already have these – if not, please request it from the Reservations Technician) and you can book, ‘pending review’, your event with a few clicks online.  Using VEMS makes it easier to request space, reserve equipment, and confirm your event details with Facilities Services.

VEMS Access ? Use this link to access the newly updated VEMS:  Virtual EMS

Need more information ?  If you have not used the VEMS software before and would like to do so, you can view FAQ’s by clicking here and then open the file.  Click these Instructional videos links to Browse for Space, Create a Login ID, Reserve a Room and Edit/Cancel a Reservation.

Questions or need to request a User Name and Password?  Please contact the Facilities Reservation Technician, Julie McKinney.

VEMS and EMS Campus Updates – New Access Links

VEMS Users – Please save and use this new link to access the updated VEMS:  Virtual EMS

EMS Campus Users – EMS Campus is now called EMS Campus Planning Interface and can be accessed by the following link: EMS Campus Planning Interface . Please save and use this updated link.  This software is used to view a classroom schedule via the Academic Book.

All VEMS and EMS Campus Planning Interface information and materials are available via the Faculty & Staff Specialized ITS Training portal page or click here and open the file.

Prairie Burns on Springfield Campus complete

burn smallAs you may have noticed, we took advantage of a calm and sunny day on Saturday, April 5 to conduct the controlled burns to our prairies. Fire is a natural part of the ecology of native prairies and is a vital tool to the establishment and maintenance of these areas. Although at first glance the blackened ground looks barren, it absorbs sunlight, warming the soil to promote germination of the native plants. The burning also serves to discourage non-native plants and woody species that compete with the more desirable natives. It also releases and recycles nutrients that are vital to new plant growth.

The controlled burns are a coordinated effort of LLCC’s Facilities Services department, biology classes and the LLCC Environmental Club. The burns have been approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Planned power outage on campus Wed., Nov. 27

On Wednesday, Nov. 27, the first day of Thanksgiving recess, we will be working with CWLP to replace the 40-year-old, and failing, aluminum electrical feed to our main switchgear room with a copper line. This will result in a power outage of approximately eight hours.  The buildings that will be without power are Sangamon, Menard and Cass.  We have been working with the ITS Department to ensure that we maintain phone and data service.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a necessary step toward improving our electrical efficiency and maintaining and meeting the standards that exist elsewhere on campus.

Thank youHugh Garvey, assistant vice president, construction

Note from Facilities Services Regarding Event Tables

Catered Event Tables  – With limited resources and linens on hand, Facilities Services has determined we are unable to maintain our table linens when they are used regularly for food/beverages.  As part of their service, Nelson’s Catering  provides white plastic table covering and skirting with all catering set-ups.  Facilities Services requests this be the standard procedure for all conference tables set up for food/beverages. 

If you prefer tablecloths, linens can be ordered for your event thru Nelson’s Catering. Please discuss your table covering options with Nelson’s when you place your catering order.  Nelson’s Catering can be reached at 787-9443.

Conference Tables (non-food)Tablecloths can be requested from Facilities Services for non-food related conference set-ups, such as registration tables, awards tables, panel tables, etc.   If you would like to request black or white cloth table skirting,  please specify with your event details when you contact Julie McKinney to place your facility reservation.  If table skirting is requested for a catered event, the skirting will be placed after Nelson’s delivers and sets up your ordered linens, food/beverages.

 If you have any questions, please contact Director of Facilities Services Dave Bretscher.  Thank You.

Reminder: Major construction project in Menard Hall begins today

Beginning today, and continuing through the first week of February, 2014, the restrooms in the far southeast corner of Menard Hall will be closed for a major repair/renovation project.  As many of you know, the walls and floors of these two restrooms have experienced soil subsidence.  At this point the interior walls have separated from the concrete ceiling above by as much as two or more inches.  We will be demolishing the walls, removing the floor tile, installing new foundations for the interior walls and rebuilding the spaces with new materials and fixtures.

We know this will be an inconvenience to many staff and students, so we’ve tried to spread this over a period when the College will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Thank you.

Hugh Garvey, Asst. VP, Construction