Paving contractors starting work today

Starting on today, Sept. 21, paving contractors will be working on replacing the curb and removing the chain link fence on the east side of Parking Lot 15 (southwest of Cass Gym). This work will (at times) occupy a lane of exit traffic in this area. Please use caution and follow all construction traffic signs, cones/barrels and directions during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Ervin at 217-786-9605 or at

Tree trimming on campus

Over the course of the next few weeks, tree trimming will occur all along the boulevard from the stoplight on the corner of Shepherd Road and Toronto Road down to the area in front of Cass Gym. While the trimming work will not be continuous for the entire two-week period, there will be tree trimming equipment present that will block a lane of traffic for a day at a time during this period. Please use caution and be aware of all tree trimming equipment as you walk and drive in this area. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Ervin at 217-786-9605 or at

Disinfecting kits

Disinfecting kitLLCC Facilities Services is disinfecting the commonly touched surfaces of classrooms and labs that have at least two hours between classes, per the established schedule. We are also providing disinfecting kits for faculty and staff to use when appropriate. The kits contain an EPA approved disinfectant, disposable paper towels, disposable gloves, eye protection and a spare face mask. We’ve also included the Safety Data Sheet for the disinfectant as well as guidelines for disinfecting.

Faculty and staff are advised to wear the provided gloves and eye protection, spray all commonly touched surfaces such as chair arms, table tops, desktops, door handles and light switches with disinfectant and let it sit for at least five minutes before wiping off with the provided towels. All towels can be disposed of in the normal trash receptacles.

Disinfecting kits can be requested by a department for a specific space by submitting a Facilities Work Order.

Fire alarm testing today

LLCC Facilities Services will be coordinating testing of fire alarm systems in all LLCC buildings beginning this morning, Aug. 10, 2020. While we strive to keep disruptions to a minimum, it is necessary to sound the horns and activate the strobes during testing. As always, your patience is greatly appreciated as we perform this vital service.

Construction work at Cass Gym, Sangamon and Menard halls

Work has begun to repair brick and replace windows and doors at Cass Gym, Sangamon Hall and Menard Hall. There will be equipment and work on the north side of Sangamon and Menard halls for the remainder of the summer. There will also be equipment and work around Cass Gym, including the removal of the main (south) entry doors to Cass Gym during this same time frame. Please be sure to use the west door of Cass Gym (closer to elevator/Fitness Center) during this period.  We anticipate this work to be ongoing through early August. Please use caution and be aware of all construction traffic as you walk in these areas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Ervin at 786-9605 or at

Drinking water

In an effort to help prevent the potential spreading of viruses, all LLCC drinking fountains, bottle fillers and ice machines are currently out of service. Staff are advised to bring individual containers of drinking water with them from home. Bottled water will also be available in vending machines.

Sidewalk removal and replacement work begins Monday

Starting on Monday, May 11, contractors will begin sidewalk removal and replacement work at the Child Development Center and other locations on the Springfield campus. We anticipate this work to be ongoing throughout June and July. Please use caution and be aware of all construction traffic as you drive and walk in these areas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Ervin at 786-9605 or at

Restroom access on campus

During this time of limited access to LLCC buildings, Facilities Services would like to remind staff that most college restrooms have been cleaned, disinfected and closed. Restrooms that are currently available for use are located on the first floor of Menard Hall, close to Student Services, as well as in the lower level of Sangamon South, below the LLCC Police Department.

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated as we strive to maintain a safe environment.

Flooring installation continues in Sangamon Hall

Contractors are continuing to install flooring on the second floor of Sangamon Hall this week. They will be using caution tape to section off areas where they are working. Other areas that have bare concrete floors are acceptable to walk on. If anyone needs access to an office, classroom or other space that is unavailable, please call Tim Ervin at 786-9605 or at