Campus Wildlife

10-1Buck-4 (2)


This photo of a young buck was captured by Dr. Chris McDonald, professor of political science, along the back edge of LLCC’s campus in Springfield.

Campus Wildlife

9-25 JvGoldfinch 9-25 Monarch9-26lunch-2 9-26lunch-11 9-26lunch-4

Thank you to Dr. Chris McDonald, professor of political science, for sharing these photos recently captured in LLCC’s Prairie Restoration area.


Excitement at the bird banding station

yellow fronted canary

 A bird was caught Wednesday that stumped master bird bander Vern Kleen, and that is unheard of!  It was an exotic species called a Yellow-fronted Canary, native to Africa. As far as we know, there are not any breeding populations in the Midwest and there is no indication that this bird was ever captive.  If there is general agreement within the birding community that this was not an escapee, and there are no records of this species in the Midwest, the capture of this bird will be HUGE in the birding world. Biology Professor Tony Rothering will keep us posted!

Campus Wildlife


DoeFawn DoeFawn-3

Dr. Chris McDonald captured these photos of a doe and her young along the back side of the LLCC Springfield Campus last week.  Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to the new academic year – new signage, banners, plaques and LincIn!

Today we debut our new employee e-newsletter, LincIn. We hope you enjoy its new features, including a permanent list of events on the right, along with Shared Governance news. Tabs at the top allow you to explore items by category, and to submit items for inclusion. LincIn is also mobile friendly. You will continue to receive an email each weekday morning with a link to LincIn, and it will pop up on your work desktop. Please read it daily for important information about LLCC and your colleagues.

Blvd BannerALSO NEW ON CAMPUS: new boulevard banners; interactive, digital signage in A. Lincoln Commons, Menard and Sangamon Halls, and the Workforce Careers CenterWFCC Dig SignALC Dig Sign







Other projects nearing completion include a new display in Menard Hall featuring the college’s mission/vision/values/goals, our 2013 faculty/staff and student award winners, and the Board of Trustees.

Hummingbird and other bird news

Hummingbirds are enjoying the feeders in the Helen Hamilton outdoor area…be sure to check them out! Tony Rothering, professor of biology, gives kudos to his department for the filling and maintaining of feeders (hummingbird and otherwise).

Tony also notes that fall bird banding season begins Monday, Aug 26 and continues through mid-November in the woods on the north edge of campus.  Master bird bander Vern Kleen will be banding from dawn to 11 a.m., Mon.-Fri. and some Saturdays. All are welcome to stop by!  A number of biology instructors are bringing classes out for demonstrations at various times throughout the semester.