Send wellness screening results to your PCP

CHC Wellbeing. Beyond Wellness To True Potential. Lincoln Land Community College's 2020 Onsite Screenings & Flu ShotsIn addition to participating in the CHC Wellbeing screenings, having a primary care physician (PCP) is a very important part of your wellbeing! Participants with a PCP have lower overall health care costs and better management of chronic diseases. CHC offers an easy, secure, HIPAA-compliant way to send your results to your physician!

See yesterday’s email from HR for the Physician Connect flyer, which has more details on how to send your results to your physician.

As a reminder, all benefit-eligible employees and spouses are encouraged to participate in the wellbeing assessments and to receive a flu shot! Those currently enrolled in a LLCC health insurance plan are eligible to participate at no cost! Participants not on a LLCC health insurance plan that wish to participate may screen for an out-of-pocket cost of $125 and/or receive a flu shot for $31. Cash is not accepted onsite.

Onsite screenings and flu shots will be held Tuesday, Oct. 6 and Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 7-11:30 a.m. in Cass Gym.

Screening Registration

Onsite appointment scheduling:

  • Screened with CHC Wellbeing before? Enter your username and password in the Individual Login box. If prompted to do so, enter the program code 4458Lin197. Then, click on New Screening Available to start registration.
  • First time screening with CHC Wellbeing? In the “New Participants” box, enter the program code 4458Lin197.
  • Follow prompts to complete registration and your Health & Lifestyle Survey.

Need help? Call 866-373-4242. A CHC Wellbeing representative can answer any questions or help you sign up by phone.

DirectPath Advocates are ready to serve LLCC employees!

Who is DirectPath? Direct Path is a service offered by the college to help you and your covered dependents save money, maximize your benefits and make the right medical choices for your unique situation.

From answering questions about your benefits, resolving claims issues, reviewing your bills for errors and expediting corrections, comparing costs for upcoming tests and procedures, verifing benefits and coverage, providing cost-saving opportunities for prescription drugs, and coordinating care and providing education for complex and chronic issues, DirectPath advocates will guide LLCC employees through the complex maze of health care with individualized education for selecting the right benefits plan, expert assistance in making informed care choices and rewards for sensible financial decisions.

Visit their website today:

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Wellbeing assessment and flu shot clinic

LLCC will be offering TWO opportunities to participate in an onsite wellbeing assessment and flu shot clinic on Tuesday, Oct. 6 and Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 7-11:30 a.m. in Cass Gym. This event is open to all LLCC benefit-eligible employees and their spouses. For those employees and their spouses who are enrolled in a LLCC health insurance plan, the wellness screening (and flu shot for those participating in the screening) is free! All benefit-eligible employees who participate in the wellness screening will receive a $50 Visa gift card – just for participating!

LLCC is committed to offering this opportunity in a safe manner. HR emailed a safety protocol flyer yesterday from CHCWellbeing regarding their commitment to safety. In order to ensure a safe event, we ask that you do the following:

  • Schedule an appointment and complete the health risk assessment questionnaire online prior to the event. This reduces wait time and contact between yourself and other CHC team members. We want to eliminate, to the best of our ability, any need for employees to be at the event any longer than necessary.
  • Come at your exact appointment time to reduce large numbers of participants waiting in the event area.

More information will be provided leading up to the event.

To register for the onsite wellness screening and/or flu shot, open the LLCC 2020 Screening_Flu Guide_Onsite PDF sent in an email from HR yesterday for login/registration instructions. Please note that there is a separate registration for the wellness screening and the flu shot. If you would like to do both, please be sure to register for both. If you don’t see a time slot that you would like, go ahead and select a time slot, finish the online process then contact CHCWellbeing at 1-866-373-4242 to request a different time.

Not available on Oct. 6 or Oct. 21? Follow the instructions found in the attached remote screening guide to complete your screening at HSHS Occupational Health Medical Group by Nov. 4. Unfortunately, there is not a flu shot option with remote screening. However, benefit-eligible employees are still eligible to receive the $50 Visa gift card.

Everything you need to register can be found in the guides attached to the Sept. 8 email from HR. If you have any questions, please contact

Daily Health Assessment Information

With the new semester underway and new people using the symptom tracker for daily health assessments, below is a consolidation of information shared about the symptom tracker over the last few months. Attached to an email from HR yesterday, you will find an overview of the symptom tracker application, as well as LLCC guidelines when the symptom tracker stops you from coming to campus. Supervisors – please save and share that email with any new employees who are not yet set up and receiving this email today and in the future. Below is some additional information that will be helpful in using this tool.

Registration/Notifications Set Up

If you are or will be coming to campus, you will need to be set up in this application. Once we have entered your information into the system, you will receive a registration email to complete the set up process. This email will come from It looks somewhat like a phishing or spam email, but it is not. You will access the link in the email to complete set up. You will need to identify the days of the week when you want to receive your daily questionnaire and at what time of day. Please note that the set up defaults to all days being selected. You will need to click on those days, such as Saturday and Sunday, when you do not want to receive a notification. You may also opt to have the daily questionnaire sent by text message. You will need to indicate that you are opting for that and provide a cell phone number. If you should need to change the days and/or times for your notifications, you will need to contact Human Resources and request a registration email to complete the set up process again.

Appropriate Responses to Survey Questions Regarding Symptoms

The questions in the survey will ask you to identify whether or not you are experiencing certain symptoms. We know that some employees may experience these symptoms regularly or sporadically due to pre-existing health conditions. When responding to these questions, please keep your baseline health condition(s) in mind. If you have asthma that comes with a persistent cough, you will respond to the question about the cough based on what would be considered a new or different experience you are having with your baseline cough. If you experience seasonal allergies, you may have a sore throat one morning due to your allergies flaring up. Again, you’ll only want to report a sore throat if it is a new and different sore throat from what is your baseline for that particular health condition. These are just a few examples. We are asking you to self-report in a truthful manner, but it is not the intent for you to report symptoms that are normal for you based on underlying health condition(s) you may have. We need your help in creating a safe working and learning environment and being vigilant with your health is critical to that. You know your body best, so please self-report symptoms truthfully, while taking these factors into consideration. When in doubt, though, report the symptom. The intent of this tool is not to catch you in a lie but to help you be accountable to yourself regarding your health, for the sake of your co-workers and students. If you would like to talk through your specific circumstances in more detail, contact Nicole Ralph, associate vice president, human resources.

Appropriate Responses to Survey Questions Regarding Direct Contact

One of the survey questions asks if you have had contact with someone in the last 14 days who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is being evaluated for Coronavirus. In reviewing CDC guidance, there are three factors that need to be considered when determining if you have had direct contact with someone who has tested positive or is being tested for COVID-19:  physical proximity, duration and whether the exposure was to a person with symptoms (e.g. coughing likely increases exposure risk). When determining whether you have been in contact with someone, there are obvious situations that make answering this question easy:  sharing the same household, intimate relationships, family contact, etc. What may be less obvious are casual interactions with co-workers, friends, strangers, etc.  The CDC states that exposure is prolonged AND close contact. Close contact would be less than six feet and prolonged would be greater than 15 minutes. Another important factor to consider when determining whether or not you have actually been exposed is if the person in question was exhibiting any symptoms at the time of the interaction. When you respond to this question, really assess what interaction you may have had and whether it would really be considered exposure based on CDC guidance. Again, the purpose of the symptom tracker is not to catch people in a lie, but instead, to help you make the best decision about your health and the health of others. We want you to respond to the questions using your best judgement, in an effort to make the campus safe for ourselves, our colleagues and our students. When in doubt, though, it’s best to report the contact.

Thank you for all that you are doing to keep our campus safe during these challenging times. The most important rule of thumb right now … if you are sick, please stay home! Stay safe, wear your masks and have a great semester!

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Deer Oaks EAP services, including resource guide for parents

Visit the LLCC Employee Assistance Program’s portal page to access an EAP orientation video, which reviews the many services offered by our new EAP provider, Deer Oaks. During the short video presentation, you will learn about Deer Oaks’ legal services, free online will preparation, financial services, identity theft and recovery services, daily living/convenience/concierge services, child/elder care, ride reimbursement, critical incident response, an interactive website, a smartphone app, monthly seminars and newsletters, and so much more.

Resuming School During COVID-19: A Resource Guide for ParentsWhile on the EAP portal page, you can also review the timely resource guide for parents, “Resuming School During COVID-19” (located under Important Articles). It provides information and addresses concerns about the upcoming school year.

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