Minutes posted from latest SGC meeting

The Shared Governance Council met Nov. 12 to discuss bylaws, elections, and options for consistent meeting times, along with several other topics. Click HERE to read the minutes of the meeting. Minutes of the Shared Governance Council and teams can be accessed at any time by clicking the Shared Governance tab above.

Minutes posted from recent college team meetings

Approved minutes of the Academic Assessment Team’s September meeting have been posted. The tasks of the Standardized Tests Workgroup, Data Review Workgroup and Steering Workgroup were discussed as well as 3 vacancies that are coming up: 2 Departmental Assessment Coordinators and 1 faculty-at-large. Click HERE to view the full meeting minutes.

In their October meeting, the Professional Development Team worked to more clearly define its purpose in the college and resolved to consult with the Shared Governance Council to move forward.  Full minutes can be viewed HERE.

At the November Sustainability Team meeting, Julie Rourke reported on Sustainability Day, Oct. 23, as well as a survey given out at the event. Click HERE to find out the results of the survey and learn about other initiatives in the full meeting minutes.

EHST Safety Tip of the Month

The November Safety Tip brought to you by the Environmental Health & Saftey Team:

Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. It is important for consumers to recognize that identity theft is not just a financial crime. This crime varies widely, and can include financial identity theft (checking and/or credit card fraud), criminal identity theft, governmental identity theft, and medical identity theft.

Click HERE to read more about how to protect yourself!

Seeking feedback on tentative 14-15 and 15-16 academic calendars

The Academic Calendar Workgroup, part of the Academic and Admissions Standards Team, seeks your feedback.

Please review the attached 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Academic Calendars.  Provide any feedback to John Vinzant (John.Vinzant@llcc.edu), Vice Chair of Academic and Admissions Standards Team or Amy Williams (Amy.Williams@llcc.edu), Support Staff of Academic and Admissions Standards Team by noon Thursday, October 17th.

2014-2015 Calendar     2015-2016 Calendar

Safety Tip of the Month – from the Environmental Health and Safety Team

October is National Fire Prevention Month.  Prevention is the key to a fire-safe workplace, and many of the nation’s annual 5,000 office-building fires could be prevented if companies and employees followed basic on-the-job fire safety practices.

Plan Ahead. In the event of a fire, a safe and speedy response depends on how well you are prepared for emergencies. Count the doors or desks between your work area(s) and the nearest exit. During a fire, you may have to find your way out in the dark… Read More.

SGC September Meeting Minutes

The Shared Governance Council met Sept. 17 and discussed establishing a standard meeting time for the Council and seven teams*. Institutional Research will prepare a report on class scheduling to determine best options. Four positions will be up for reelection at the end of the fall semester: administrative-Scott Stallman (current chair); faculty-Ryan Roberts (current vice-chair); professional-Bobbi Dunn and classified-Darlene Krone. Also, the Council made suggestions for informational videos being prepared for the Shared Governance website.

Click HERE to read the complete minutes.

*Shared Governance Teams are: Academic & Admissions Standards Team, Academic Assessment Team, Cultural Awareness Team, Curriculum Team, Environmental Health & Safety Team, Professional Development Team, Sustainability Team.