Minutes from recent Team meetings

At the March 17 Environmental Health & Safety Team meeting, discussion was held regarding rooms for nursing mothers and adding bag hooks to Library restrooms.  View the full minutes to read about these topics and more.

The Curriculum Team met on March 28.  Click HERE to view the recommendations that came out of that meeting.

The Sustainability Team met April 1 to finalize plans for Earth Week activities as well as discuss projects related to the prairie restoration area.  Click HERE for details in the full minutes.



March Shared Governance Council Meeting Minutes posted

At the March Shared Governance council meeting, a recommendation regarding the Professional Development Team was drafted and the council heard an issue regarding faculty taking classes that was recently put before Faculty Senate.  The council also heard about a new Student Success Workgroup and planned for Team elections in April.  Look out for an email from your constituency for a chance to volunteer or nominate coworkers for positions on the 7 Teams!  Click HERE to view the full meeting minutes.

Minutes posted from recent Team meetings

The Curriculum team met Feb. 28.  To view the status of current curriculum changes, please view the meeting minutes.

The Professional Development Team also met in February and discussed changes to the Team Charter and drafted a recommendation for the Cabinet regarding these changes. View the meeting minutes and recommendation.

At their March 18 meeting, the Sustainability team discussed Earth Week events and plans for landscaping and maintenance for the campus and prairie restoration areas.  More details available in the meeting minutes.


EHST Safety Tip of the Month

The March safety tip brought to you by the Environmental Health & Safety Team:

Violent weather in Illinois can strike at any time. While we obviously can’t control these natural forces we can plan ahead and prepare for them.

As a National Weather Service Storm Ready Site LLCC is committed to safety and storm readiness and offers the following tips:

  • Monitor the weather and be aware of watches and warnings
  • Have a plan and a survival kit should severe weather strike while you are at home
  • Take a minute to familiarize yourself with emergency evacuation routes and safe areas while away from home

For more information about emergency weather preparedness, click HERE or visit the Environmental Health and Safety Page.


SGC February meeting minutes posted

The Shared Governance Council recently held a meeting February 24. The council discussed a recommendation put forth by the Professional Development Team and updates to the SGC Bylaws.  Student Jennifer Duprey presented an issue that has been brought to the attention of the Student Government Association.  Click HERE to read the minutes from the meeting. Minutes of the Shared Governance Council and Teams can be accessed at any time by clicking the Shared Governance tab above.

Minutes from recent Team meetings posted

The Curriculum Team met January 31.  Click HERE to learn about recommendations discussed and approved by the team at this meeting.

The Academic Assessment Team recently approved minutes from their October and November meetings.  View the October minutes to read an update on the e-Portfolio Pilot Program, as well as reports from the Steering Workgroup and the Standardized Testing Workgroup.  All three Workgroups (Steering, Standardized Testing and GEAR) reported at the November meeting. Read about their activities in the Nov. minutes.

SGC Meeting Minutes posted

The Shared Governance Council recently held a meeting Jan. 21. New member Jason Dockter was elected as the Vice Chair to the council.  The council also discussed more updates to the bylaws, making the portal page more user-friendly, and set a consistent meeting time for the the Spring semester. Click HERE to read the minutes of the meeting. Minutes of the Shared Governance Council and teams can be accessed at any time by clicking the Shared Governance tab above.

EHST Safety Tip of the Month

The February safety tip brought to you by the Environmental Health & Safety Team:

The cold winter weather means that the cold and flu season is in full swing. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, while similar,
colds and influenza are two different respiratory illnesses.
The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine to prevent against the flu virus.

Read the full article for tips to prevent the spread of colds as well as the flu!