Minutes from recent Team meetings posted

Minutes have been posted from the October Cultural Awareness Team meeting, at which recent cultural events on campus were discussed, as well as ideas to make the Student Union a more inviting space to hold events in. Read more about this and other topics discussed in the full minutes.

The Academic Assessment Team has posted minutes from its October meeting. Learn more about what workgroups within Assessment are working on.

View recommendations from the December 5 Curriculum Team meeting.

Minutes posted from recent Team and SGC meetings

At its September meeting, the Cultural Awareness Team elected Nicole Ralph as the 2014-15 chair and Beth Wiediger as the new vice chair. Read the meeting minutes to learn more about cultural events discussed and yearly goals the team set.

View recommendations from the October Curriculum Team meeting.

The Shared Governance Council approved an update to its bylaws at the October meeting to address when an employee position change causes a classification change and heard an update on the current Environmental Health & Safety Team recommendation. View the meeting minutes for details on these items and more.

Minutes posted from recent Team meeting

At the September Environmental Health & Safety Team meeting, new chair and vice chair were seated.  The team discussed issues regarding traffic safety concerns and how the college is preparing for awareness and prevention of enterovirus.  Read the full minutes for details on these topics.

View Recommendations from the September Curriculum Team meeting.

The Sustainability Team met October 7th, discussing Sustainability Day, the Sustainability Award and use of student sustainability fees.  To read the full minutes and view materials about these items, click HERE.

EHST Safety Tip of the Month

The October safety tip brought to you by the Environmental Health & Safety Team:

October usually brings cooler fall weather which can be a welcome break from the dog days of summer, but we can also see a rise in the number of respiratory illness cases as people tend to stay indoors more often.

Enteroviruses are just one of the many common causes of respiratory illness. One less common virus, EV-D68, has gotten some well-deserved bad publicity lately. Click HERE to read more to read about symptoms and ways to project yourself and others from enterovirus infections.

SGC Sept. 16 minutes available

The Shared Governance Council met Tuesday, Sept. 16 and discussed updates to team rosters, a policy update regarding holidays for police, and an open recommendation for a lactation room on campus. Click HERE for minutes of the meeting.

EHST Safety Tip of the Month

The September safety tip brought to you by the Environmental Health & Safety Team:  September is designated as National Campus Safety Awareness Month. Because of that, we would like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to take a few minutes and think about how they would answer this question: “If an emergency happens while I’m on campus, what would I do?”
Emergencies can take many different forms, but one thing is for certain; the time to figure out what you should be doing during an emergency is not when it’s occurring.  Click HERE to read more and find out what you can do now to prepare for an emergency!

EHST Safety Tip of the Month

The June safety tip brought to you by the Environmental Health & Safety Team:

Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function which can cause death within minutes. Each year nearly 360,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital with over 80 percent of those happening at home.
The American Heart Association (AHA) lists the following as signs of cardiac arrest:
– A sudden loss of responsiveness
– No normal breathing

Click HERE to learn what to do if these signs are present and find more resources about responding to cardiac arrest.