Environmental Health and Safety Team meets

The Environmental Health and Safety Team (EHST) was established by the Shared Governance Council to promote proactive health and safety practices within the college community. The EHST meets on a regular basis and has been involved in issues such as identifying trip hazards, smoking and tobacco use on campus, virus prevention, gender neutral restrooms and the conversion of a storeroom into a lactation room for nursing mothers.

Minutes from the last meeting can be viewed HERE.

Current EHST members include:
Gary Armour, Lab Safety Coordinator and acting Chair
Brad Gentry, Chief of Police and acting Vice Chair
Karie Longhta, Associate Vice President, Finance
Adrienne Frazier, Education Service Representative; Litchfield
Randy Rue, Professor, Law Enforcement; Faculty Representative
Diane Clark, Assistant Director, PRM; Professional Representative
Colleen Pittman, PRM Assistant; Classified Staff Representative
Katie Robinson, Student Representative
Heather Voyles, Assistant to the Police Chief
Dave Bretscher, Director, Facilities Services

Visitors are encouraged to attend any meetings and can contact the Chair, Gary.Armour@llcc.edu, or the Vice Chair, Brad.Gentry@llcc.edu, for a meeting schedule. Any immediate health or safety concerns should be directed to:
LLCC Police, 786-2278
Facilities Services, 786-2304
Dave Bretscher, 786-2238; David.Bretscher@llcc.edu

Sustainability Team meeting minutes posted

At its May 5 meeting, the Sustainability Team discussed the ACUPCC report and efforts to reduce electricity/gas and paper usage on campus as a part of it. Read more about this, composting and Earth Week, as well as find out who newly elected members to the team are in the posted minutes.

Assessment Team meeting minutes posted

Minutes have been posted from the February Academic Assessment Team meeting, at which Information Fluency and Quantitative and Scientific rubric review workgroups were formed and recommendations were given and voted on regarding revisions to the Communication rubrics and Curriculum standards.  For details, view the full meeting minutes.

Academic Assessment Team minutes posted

Minutes have been posted from the November Academic Assessment Team meeting, at which status reports were given regarding revisions to the Communication and Global & Cultural Awareness rubrics. The team voted to move the administration of the next CAAP to spring 2016, and department assessment coordinators have been working on a new program assessment structure. For more information, view the full meeting minutes.

Shared Governance Council Dec. meeting minutes

The Shared Governance Council met Dec. 16, welcoming new chair Jason Dockter and thanking outgoing members. Incoming members also attended and received an orientation. Also, a progress report was given on a recommendation from the Environmental Health and Safety Team for a lactation room on campus.

Read the minutes HERE.