LLCC Environmental Health and Safety Team NEEDS YOUR HELP!

The purpose of the Environmental Health and Safety Team is to promote safety practices at LLCC. To help guide our efforts in this area we have developed a short Safety Perception Survey that we are asking all LLCC employees to complete. Your answers will provide valuable information regarding our employees’ basic perceptions of safety on campus, as well as specific information on strengths, and/or areas that may need renewed focus.

The survey will be open through MAY 13.
Click here to access the survey.

We appreciate your time and commitment to safety at LLCC!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the team members:

Gary Armour, Chair
Brad Gentry, Vice Chair
Dave Bretscher
Adrienne Frazier
Brandon Lewis
Karie Longhta
Randy Rue

Cultural Awareness Team meeting minutes available

Minutes from the February Cultural Awareness Team meeting have been posted.  The team discussed the multicultural programming committee through Student Life, which will be recommended to Shared Governance Council to become a subcommittee of the Cultural Awareness Team.  Dr. Frederick was welcomed as the new Cabinet liaison, and the Shared Governance Council proposal for implementing a new member orientation and encouraging participation from student representatives was discussed.  See full minutes here.

Latest Environmental Health and Safety Team minutes posted.

The Environmental Health and Safety Team met on Feb. 18.  The Team discussed the items requested by SGA on an orientation for new members and working with student representatives.  Other discussions at the meeting included creating a new EHST survey to be sent out in April 2016 similar to the one compiled in 2013, and the Team being in need of a Professional and Classified member.  See the full minutes HERE.

Minutes Posted from recent SGC and Team meetings

The Shared Governance Council has posted minutes from its Jan. 29 meeting. At the meeting current and new members introduced themselves and reviewed the SGC purpose and resources for conducting business. A Vice Chair was elected, and the council reviewed matters regarding Teams and further discussed leadership funding. See the full minutes HERE.

The Cultural Awareness Team has posted minutes from its Dec. 7, 2015 meeting, where they discussed the functions of the team as well as Chair and Vice Chair positions.  View the full minutes HERE.

Academic and Admission Standards Team Minutes posted

Minutes have been posted from the November Academic Assessment Team meeting at which an update was given regarding ICCB changes to the AS degree. Also discussed was the outcome of a proposal moved forward for changes to the AA and AS degrees and how to proceed with the decisions.  A workgroup was formed to review the final exam schedule for possible changes.  For more information, view the full meeting minutes.

Updates from recent Team meetings

The Assessment Team held a meeting Nov. 16, at which they approved a new format of the “Cultural and Global Awareness” general education rubric, and heard updates regarding the steering workgroup, AQIP project and assessment software. View the full minutes.

During its Nov. 19 meeting, the Environmental Health and Safety Team approved to conduct a new perception survey and to update its charter regarding classified member terms. Also, discussion took place regarding needs for an Environmental Health and Safety Officer, and signage for safe/assembly areas. View the full minutes.

The Curriculum Team met Dec. 4. View the approved recommendations.

EHST winter weather safety tips

With winter weather right around the corner the Environmental Health and Safety Team (EHST) would like to remind everyone that although snow and ice can make accidents like slips and falls more likely, a little prevention can go a long way.

Consider the following safety tips:
• Stay informed of weather conditions. Local radio and TV stations provide updates, plus there are numerous weather-related websites and apps for smart phones. Sign up for LLCC Connect ( to receive information directly to your cell and/or home phone about LLCC weather closings and other emergency situations.
• Dress for the weather. A good pair of boots provides traction and helps keep your feet warm. A pair of gloves can keep you from having to put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm because you will want your arms free to catch your balance if you do slip.
• Watch your step outside. Be aware of slick conditions and take slower and shorter steps so that you can react quickly to any changes in traction.
• Watch your step inside. Snow and ice that get stuck in the deep treads of winter boots begin melting once inside and can create a wet, slick surface.