What’s the Buzz!?

photoLLCC is now home to two donated honey bee hives! The LLCC Sustainability Committee was approached in the spring about placing bee hives on the campus. Beekeeper Dr. Stu Jacobson worked with committee member Steve Handy and workforce specialist Marnie Record to make sure the bees found a location identified as a good place for the bees as well as a safe place for those on campus. The bees are located on the southeast end of campus along the tree line. Signs will be posted near the hive area to alert people of the location. Most recently, community education students in Bee Series: Fall Management, were able to have a live demonstration at the site. In the future, credit classes will be able to incorporate the bee hives into their academic learning and Community Learning will be able to expand their class offerings. If you would like to read about all the benefits of bees, check out Jessica Tucker’s article on One Green Planet titled: How Bees Benefit Other Living Things. The college will surely benefit from bees in ways described in the article which include:

  • Benefits to our prairies and flower bearing plants – the perfect relationship in nature; bees need flowers and flowers need bees!
  • Agriculture – did you know pollination of agricultural crops are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat!
  • Providing food – who doesn’t like honey!
  • Acting as environmental indicators –the decline of bees is an indicator that something is amiss in our environment – perhaps the effects of pesticides!

For more information contact Julie Rourke, chair, Sustainability Committee.

LLCC Environmental Health and Safety Team NEEDS YOUR HELP!

The purpose of the Environmental Health and Safety Team is to promote safety practices at LLCC. To help guide our efforts in this area we have developed a short Safety Perception Survey that we are asking all LLCC employees to complete. Your answers will provide valuable information regarding our employees’ basic perceptions of safety on campus, as well as specific information on strengths, and/or areas that may need renewed focus.

The survey will be open through MAY 13.
Click here to access the survey.

We appreciate your time and commitment to safety at LLCC!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the team members:

Gary Armour, Chair
Brad Gentry, Vice Chair
Dave Bretscher
Adrienne Frazier
Brandon Lewis
Karie Longhta
Randy Rue

Cultural Awareness Team meeting minutes available

Minutes from the February Cultural Awareness Team meeting have been posted.  The team discussed the multicultural programming committee through Student Life, which will be recommended to Shared Governance Council to become a subcommittee of the Cultural Awareness Team.  Dr. Frederick was welcomed as the new Cabinet liaison, and the Shared Governance Council proposal for implementing a new member orientation and encouraging participation from student representatives was discussed.  See full minutes here.