Return to campus guidelines and COVID protocols

With the beginning of the fall term upon us, please see the Return to Campus Guidelines (must be logged in to Office 365). These guidelines include protocols for handling different situations involving faculty, staff and students who have been exposed to COVID-19, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19.

If you have any questions regarding this guidelines, please reach out. We need to keep working together to ensure these guidelines are followed to maintain a safe working and learning environment. Thank you all for your efforts, and I hope everyone has a healthy and successful semester!

Bryan Gleckler
Vice President, Administrative Services

Revisions to Board Policy Chapter 5

Chapter Five: Student Affairs of the Board of Trustees Policy Manual has been updated to reflect recent policy and procedure changes.

  • Board Policy 5.7 Repeating a Course had a change of language to the Policy Statement.
  • Board Procedure 5.14 Tuition Rates had a change of language to Procedure only describing charge backs.
  • Board Policy 5.21 Special Program Admission was eliminated (replacement policy in progress).



Welcome, Julie Eason!

Julie Eason has joined LLCC as the new assistant to the vice Eason, Juliepresident for administrative services. She will also assist the chief information officer. She will primarily be located in Menard 1263 but will also have office hours in Menard 1200. Her phone extension is 6.2221 and email is Welcome!

Reminder of policies regarding smoking, and children on campus

As the new school year begins, a reminder regarding two college policies:

The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs policy (Policy 1.11) now prohibits the use of all smoking materials on college-owned and operated property, except inside vehicles parked on or travelling through campus.

The Children on Campus policy (Policy 5.45) states that unaccompanied children under age 16 are not allowed at any LLCC location except for cultural, sporting and educational activities structured specifically for children. Children may not attend regular class sessions with their parents or others and may not be left unattended anywhere on campus, including employee work areas. Additionally, employees should not bring children to work with the intent of providing child care during a scheduled work day.

For more information, please click on the policy numbers to read them in their entirety.

Remember to recycle!

Get “caught green handed” and do your part to keep the campus and regional centers green by recycling. Use the brown, three-hole recycling bins to recycle the following:

Paper – newspapers; junk mail; magazines; telephone books; computer paper; writing paper (including colored); paperboard boxes; small, flattened corrugated boxes

Plastic – #1-5, and #7

Cans – aluminum cans

Items above may also be put in blue recycling containers in your office area.

Large, flattened corrugated boxes may be placed in the two Midwest Fiber dumpsters at the loading dock area of Menard Hall.

LLCC goes smoke-free Wednesday, July 1

Pursuant to the Illinois Smoke Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64) as of July 1, 2015:
• Smoking and the use of tobacco products as defined by the Act are Kick the habitprohibited on all college-owned and operated property.
• Smoking and the use of tobacco products as defined by the Act are allowed only in personal vehicles parked on or traveling through campus.
• All smoking material must be extinguished and disposed of inside the vehicle.
• This applies to all LLCC students, employees, visitors, members of the public, and individuals employed elsewhere who are working on campus or college-owned and operated property.
• $25 fine will be assessed for the first offense; $50 for subsequent offenses.
• Repeat offenders will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion/termination.
• “Smoke” and “smoking” means the carrying, smoking, burning, inhaling or exhaling of any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, hookah, weed, herbs or other lighted smoking equipment. This also includes products containing or delivering nicotine (e.g. chewing tobacco) intended or expected for human consumption, except those approved by the FDA for smoking cessation purposes.
• Read more details in the Smoke-Free Campus Act.
• Read LLCC’s Board Policy 1.11: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs.
• Maps showing college-owned and operated property: Springfield campus Springfield campus and surrounding college-owned property, LLCC-Jacksonville, LLCC-Beardstown, LLCC-Litchfield, LLCC-Taylorville, Capital City Training Center

Kick the habit! LLCC encourages smokers to use the free services of the Illinois Tobacco Quitline to kick the habit. 866-QUIT-YES
Additional smoking cessation presentations will be scheduled by the LLCC Student Life Office in the fall 2015 semester. Free smoking cessation presentations entitled “Commit to Quit” will be offered on Sept. 10 and Nov. 12 in the A. Lincoln Commons from 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. by the Illinois Tobacco Quitline and LLCC Student Life Office.

There are many reasons to quit smoking! Smoking cessation presentations scheduled

Free smoking cessation presentations entitled “Commit to Quit” will be offered on Sept. 10 and Nov. 12 in A. Lincoln Commons from Smoking11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. by the Illinois Tobacco Quitline and LLCC Student Life Office. All are welcome.

Remember, smoking and use of tobacco products will be prohibited on the LLCC campus and LLCC owned and operated property beginning Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Smoking ban on campus begins July 1

The State Journal-Register incorrectly reported Saturday that LLCC’s smoking ban would begin June 1. A correction was issued, and this article correctly states that the LLCC Board of Trustees approved a change in policy to bring the college into compliance with the new Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act that takes effect July 1.

Smoking and use of tobacco products will be prohibited on any college-owned or operated property, except when an individual is traveling through or parked on campus in a personal vehicle. All students, employees and visitors to any LLCC location will be required to comply with this policy, as of July 1.