Commencement 2019 logistics and line of march

The 2019 LLCC Commencement ceremony will be held this evening at the Bank of Springfield Center at 7:30 p.m. Attached is information regarding Commencement logistics (parking, layout of the center, etc.) and line of march. Please arrive by 7 p.m. if you are in the line of march.

Each year we do our best to ensure that the line of march is accurate with hire dates provided by LLCC Human Resources. The line changes each year due to retirements, resignations and individuals who have received permission to be excused from the ceremony. The attached line-up MAY change all the way up to the evening of commencement. As we receive notification of individuals who will not be attending, we revise the line-up. Please note that if you are not planning on attending commencement you will need to receive an excused absence from the Office of the President.

The line of march is an approximation of where you will be seated during the 2019 commencement ceremony. It is more of a guide as opposed to a hard and fast rule. If you believe you should be somewhere else in the line, feel free to stand there.

The Faculty Marshalls this year are Beth Hoffmann and Carmen Allen, and they will direct you to the appropriate location during the seating process. There are 10 seats in a row, so if there are last minute no-shows, you may be bumped up a row depending on the 10-in-a-row seating arrangement.

The line of march will be posted in several locations to refer to upon your arrival. Please line up according to your  line (line “A” [house left]  or line “B” [house right]) and row # which will also be posted.

Please do not congregate at the front of the line making it difficult for others to get in line.

Commencement is a time when the focus is on our graduating students and their accomplishments. We appreciate your attendance at the ceremony and look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our students together.

Line of March 2019

Congratulations to the Employee Recognition Ceremony honorees!

Congratulations to the honorees recognized at the Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ceremony May 16!

Dr. Jennifer O’Malley, professor of biology, was named the 2019 Drs. Raymond and Ann Pearson Master Teacher. The award is presented annually to an outstanding full-time LLCC faculty member who practices his or her profession in an exemplary manner. Finalists were Dr. Deborah Brothers, Dr. Paul Hudson, Dr. Judith Nichols and Katie Tice, CPA.

Distinguished Service Award winnersThe college also awarded the 2019 Distinguished Service Awards to individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership and service to the college community, promote a student-focused environment and exhibit a strong commitment to the college’s core values. Distinguished Service Award recipients were Nancy Sweet, director of culinary programs and operations; Linda Brown, adjunct instructor; Bobbi Henry, research and analytics manager; Christine Marietta, administrative assistant, LLCC-Litchfield; and Dr. Brenda Michel, professor of nursing.

Honored for 30 years of service was Dr. Cynthia Maskey.

30 years of service
Employees honored for 25 years of service were Beth Hoffman and Ira Bradley.

25 years of service
Twenty-year service honorees were Lori Smith, Don LoftisTony Rothering, Samuel Penning, Michele Layton, Holly Gietl and Julie Clevenger.

20 years of service
Recognized for 15 years of service were Tricia Kujawa, Anita Glydewell, Tracy Kesinger, Tim Humphrey, Stephanie Cummings and Karen Sanders.

15 years of service
Employees recognized for 10 years of service were C.C. Tietjen St. Magnus, Julie Sutfin, Jamie McCoy, Amee Kesky, Shawn Floyd, Cara Swafford, Holly Walton, Doug Whitaker and Doris Williams.

10 years of service

Five years of serviceFive-year service honorees were Samuel Bras, Elyse Calhoun, Laurel Bretz, Mary Dellert, Barb Eades, Adrienne Frazier, Sean Edmondson, Jan Szoke, Nick Ferreira, Dr. David Leitner, Janelle Murphy, Tim McKenzie and John Turley. 


RetireesThanks and best wishes were given to retirees Janet Moulton, 9 years; Linda Carman, 11 years; Terri Hinrichs, 12 years; Beth Hoffmann, 25 years; Tammy Chrisler, 32 years; Janet Semanik, 17 years; and Jane Hartman, 21 years.

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In the news – LLCC offers help to displaced RMU students

Dr. Lesley Frederick, vice president, student services, was interviewed by WICS/FOX Illinois news on the special assistance being offered to displaced students of Robert Morris University’s Springfield campus, which is closing soon. She was also interviewed by WLDS/WEAI news on the same topic.

LLCC has designated a team to work individually with RMU students in exploring enrollment options for the summer and/or fall semesters. Students may email or call 217-786-9600 to reach the response team. The team can answer potential questions about transfer to LLCC, financial aid, transcripts and more.

“We have reached out to RMU Springfield to let them know we are committed to serving any RMU student currently attending or planning to do so in the fall,” said Dr. Frederick. “LLCC has many high quality courses and training programs, offered at an affordable price, in subjects that were offered at RMU in Springfield.”

Welcome to Eleanor Wild

Eleanor WildPlease join us in welcoming Dr. Eleanor Wild, who has joined LLCC as program director, occupational therapy assistant. Eleanor comes to us with more than 20 years experience in the health care field, with 10 years in education, teaching and program directing. She has a doctorate degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree from Pacific University in Oregon. Eleanor can be reached at or 786-2872. Welcome!

VALIC representative on campus May 22

QR code for registering for session with VALIC representative. To register go to and enter registration code 6303SPR11AB.David Jones, VALIC financial advisor, will be on campus Wednesday, May 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the VP Conference Room. He will be on site for 30-minute account reviews to help employees understand options and new enrollments. To register go to and enter registration code 6303SPR11AB.

25th annual Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ceremony today

LLCC will honor a number of individuals who have provided dedicated service to the college at the 25th annual Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ceremony today, May 16, beginning at 3 p.m. in the Student Union of Menard Hall. Come and provide well wishes to your colleagues celebrating service anniversaries and those being honored on their retirements. Also featured are announcements of the Distinguished Service Awards and Drs. Raymond and Ann Pearson Master Teacher award.

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Summer tuition due date

The summer tuition due date has been extended through today, May 16. Students may pay, create a payment plan or confirm your financial aid online by 11:59 p.m. today. Payments made in person or by phone are due by 6 p.m. today.

In the news

Dr. Cynthia Maskey, dean of health professions, appeared on the Good Day Illinois program on FOX Illinois May 15 to promote the upcoming Health Care Expo. She will be interviewed this morning on WMAY and Monday on WTAX on the same topic. The Health Care Expo will be held Thursday, May 23, from 6-8 p.m. in the Trutter Center for prospective students interested in health careers.

Tisha Miller, enrollment coordinator for LLCC-Litchfield and LLCC-Taylorville, was interviewed by Miller Media r on the LLCC/Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce job fair.